09 September 2008

Well shoot!

Just got back from CCI and my blood counts are the lowest they've ever been. No wonder I have to do heavy breathing just to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. The nurses wanted me to get my transfusions today, but I'm already scheduled for early tomorrow morning. I'm not likely to get desperately worse before then. Back on Levaquin as my NE# is 0.0. And it must've been old home week over there because I ran into one of DD#2's teachers and the mom of one of the girls in her class. Neither of them knew I was sick, so I had to do that explanation twice. The mom is a former nurse and her husband is one of the doctors in the practice. She has very kindly offered to come drive me anywhere I need or to drive DD to and from school and school events. That was quite nice of her.
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