28 September 2008

Starbucks & the price of gas

Yesterday we got a late start and didn't want to take time for a full breakfast somewhere. How fortuitous that Starbucks was right across the lane from our hotel. Venti Anniversary Blend with Cream and a Blueberry Scone make a great on-the-go breakfast. Mike got a Blueberry Muffin instead of a scone. I do think that scones are some of Starbucks' best baked products. The lite blueberry muffins are pretty good, too, but they were out of those.

We're also paying attention to fuel prices. When we filled up yesterday morning at home, gas was $4.05/gallon. We refueled in Kentucky @ $3.75/gallon. $3.58/gallon was the price in Columbus, OH. Is it just because we've gotten away from the southeastern gas shortages or does fuel normally cost this much less in the midwest?

...time passes...
In Ohio, just before crossing into PA, fuel was $3.69. And in Muncy, PA $3.54 was the cost for regular.
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