23 September 2008

Tuesday of treatment week

Treatment weeks are currently the least favourite days of my life. This week I'm participating in a Christmas Cookie Bake-Along on one of the foodie boards. The recipe is for a savoury appetiser cookie and I needed the cheeses to make it. So yesterday I stopped by Fresh Market on the way home from treatment. I managed to get the pecans toasted, but then the nausea got to me and I had to go lay down. Didn't wake up till family got home around 5:30. I was still kind of out of it and never did eat dinner. (And my platelets have tanked again! )

Woke up this morning still feeling somewhat ill. Thank goodness for compazine. Went over and got my second treatment, then stopped on the way home to get some lingere. Only to have a friend tell me she'd rather get a root canal than have to go bra-shopping. I finally felt hungry, so leftovers from PF Changs were lunch. Now I'm thinking I actually feel like going and making the cookie dough for the bake-along. It has to refrigerate for a couple of hours, so I can bake tomorrow morning.

The other bad news about my platelets is that my gums started bleeding again last night. So the nurse just called and said I have to get a platelet transfusion tomorrow, as well as the one already set up for Thursday with the red cells and platelets. Good thing I've been drinking a lot of water this afternoon so I'm well hydrated.

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glynda said...

Love the ornament tree Becky! - Such a wonderful way to display all the ones that have such meaning to you!

Becky said...

Thanks Glynda. I had so much fun putting that tree together last year. I'm anxious to see how it will look with the additional ornaments this year.