09 September 2008

summer at the farm & feeling groovy

This has been an exciting year at at the farm. The labyrinth we put in last year has been a good thing, even though I wasn't able to use it as much as I would have liked. The pavillion has turned out to be a wonderful addition. After we moved to the farm for the summer, Mike and I used it nearly every evening. The addition of the sink and counter was a great idea. And now the 59th Street Bridge is finally built.

History of the the 59th Street Bridge: I have always loved that Simon and Garfunkel song. In the spring of 1998 we were in San Jose and in an antique store there I found an old street sign that was for, you guessed it, 59th Street. As we had been thinking of building a covered bridge across the creek, I got the sign for that. The covered bridge never happened for various and sundry reasons. But with the pavillion, we needed a bridge to easily cross the Dry Prong. It still needs it's handrails, but those will likely get done in the next couple of months. In the meanwhile, the bridge can be used and my sign is up. I feel like breaking into song.

Just up the hill on the other side of the fence is where we plan to build the new house.

Some other little odds and ends projects got done this summer, too. Around 15 years ago I had bought the legs of a treadle sewing machine. They've been just hanging around waiting to become the base of a table. When we finally had to get rid of Louise's sewing machine (it couldn't be repaired), we kept the full treadle base. A couple of weeks ago, Mike got tabletops made for both of these. The legs of the first one had to be secured, and both iron bases had to be painted. But now we have two extra tables for use at the pavillion or on the dock. Don't have a good photo of those, but will try to get one next weekend.

And the last fun thing we did was some garden art. At the HLCCA 2002 conference in NOLA, a couple of members had taken bowling balls and covered them in broken pieces of Fiesta to put in their yards.

I thought those looked pretty cool and when I got home went to a thrift store and bought three bowling balls. Two of them are still destined to be covered with Fiesta mosaics, but last year I got the idea to make the third one into a giant fishing bobble, like the ones I used to use as a child when fishing with my great-grandmother. Mike got into the spirit of this, too, and a couple of weekends ago, the bobble came into being. It's on a copper rod by the entrance to the dock.

Now all we need is a giant pole. LOL

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