09 September 2008

dishes make me happy

I love vintage colourware. It makes me happy. My most favourite dishes are Harlequin, by Homer Laughlin, and my favourite glaze colour is Harlequin blue. But there are plenty of other dishes around here, too. Just recently I got these doll house dishes in the mail. They were made in Europe, but the coffeepot and creamer have an amazing resemblance to American Modern. It makes me wonder if they copied Russel Wright or if he copied them.
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DS Mark said...

Cute! Just wondering how big these are. How tall is the little coffeepot?

Once Upon a Plate said...

They are lovely, and I love your blog ~ great photos, too.

I'm so happy I have the opportunity to let you know that memories of my mom's long gone Fiestaware and YOU are responsible to get me started collecting (the newer stuff) and certain Homer-Laughlin patterns from the 30's & 40's.

B, please email me when you can. I'm sending you positive healing thoughts, your attitude is uplifting! I cannot believe our paths have crossed again. ((Hugs))

decolady said...

Hey Mark, they're quite small. The coffeepot is less than 2" tall. I'll post a quick pick of it with a Harlequin spruce toy creamer to give you a better idea of scale. BTW, just went and checked. It's inkstamped: Made in Germany.

Hi Mary, long time no see. How exciting to learn that I influenced you on such a wonderful choice of dinnerware. Thank you for your healing thoughts! I need all of those I can get. I'm loving your blog, too. This morning I'm off to get transfusions, so if I'm not sleeping I'll try to do some comments.