13 September 2008

vintage kitchen wares

While I love modern appliances and the latest gadgets, I don't think I could cook nearly so well without my vintage kitchen wares. My great-grandmother's cast iron skillets were the beginning of the vintage kitchen collection. A while back a dear friend offered me his Mom's set of Hall Radiance Canisters. And they were RED! The only condition issue was with the sugar. It had a hairline and was missing its lid. After searching for some months on eBay I was lucky enough to find one in perfect condition.

While I don't use "The Set" everyday, I repurposed the original sugar to be a spoon holder. Can't cook without my wooden spoons, so this sits by my cooktop and gets used pretty much on a daily basis.

Another way dishes make me happy.
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RainbowDishes said...

Very cool! I love those canisters! I have never seen a red set like that.

decolady said...

Craig, besides these that are Chinese red they also were made in yellow, green, Fiesta red and cobalt (that I can think of off the top of my head). And there are range shakers to match. I have yet to get some shakers. Don't you think a mixed set of all colours would be great?

DS Mark said...

Fiesta red?! INDIAN red!! :-)

Stunning set!

decolady said...

LOL. I said off the top of my head.

Craig, Indian red. Forget I said Fiesta red.

Mark, I do love this set and was so glad when Dennis called me about it.

RainbowDishes said...

I like Chinese Red better than Fiesta Red anyday. So what is the reason you have to cook with wooden spoons? My mom always used wooden spoons too. I use them quite a bit when I cook, but a few people have made fun of me for using them. I also like metal utensils, but I cannot get used to plastic (or some variation of plastic) utensils. I am just curious.