11 September 2008

playing with tablesettings

One of the most wonderful things about using Fiesta is that you can mix and match colours to match your mood, your food or your tablecloth. Tonight we dined on shamrock and tangerine from the p-86 line. The tablecloth is a vintage one I found on eBay that features daylilies.

As this is the first time I've felt like making dinner in a while, I thought we should go all out and celebrate with candles and such. The centrepiece is made up of some of my dancing deco ladies on a stacked hostess bowl and salad plate.
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Linda Hedlund said...

I love your blog and this table setting is gorgeous. You can do some much with Fiesta dishes.

decolady said...

Linda, thanks so much. Last night's dinner was even nicer after the candles got lit. I don't think I could ever get tired of all the colourful dishes.

Hope all is going well with you.

Once Upon a Plate said...

Thank you for the email Becky. What a colorful combination, I love the way you've picked up the colors of the tablecloth.
Beautiful glasses, too.

I'd love to see more of your dancing deco ladies, do you have photos of them in your album? Or maybe sometime in the future you can share them with us?
Very nice! ~m.

Ms. Val said...

Note to self: buy more Tangerine.

Southerncook said...

Lovely table setting Becky. I was so happy to read that you felt up to doing what you enjoy most. Continued prayers dear lady.


Ces said...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Becky!!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so now I know you are blogging. Great! I love the dishes. I need to start posting about dishes again soon, especially during the holidays. I am so glad to visit your blog. Gotta get you on my blogroll! Take care. Thanks for the safe thoughts for us. We are waiting.

flowermom said...

Simply beautiful! I love your vintage tablecloth!

decolady said...

You all are so kind!

Mary, I do have more photos of these dancing deco ladies and will try to get them uploaded to my flickr account in the next few days.

Val, you definitely NEED more tangerine. I find it such an uplifting, happy colour. And it goes so well with so many of the other glazes.

Carolyn, thank you so much! It really was so much fun to play with the dishes and make dinner. And I truly appreciate the continued prayers and concern. It helps so much.

Ces, you take care down there with Ike. I'd still love to get one of your paintings with the dishes.

Eileen, thank you for your kind comments. As a home eccie, I feel like I HAVE to elevate tablescapes, given the bad rep they've gotten with the Semi-Homemade show on FNTV. Vintage tablecloths are another thing I collect to go along with the Fiesta dishes. I really think the tablecloths help set off the dishes. And there are SOOOOO many different designs and colours.