27 September 2008

Saturday Morning Confusion, Bob Evans, Debate aftermath, etc.

Anybody remember that song from the early 1970s? Saturday Morning Confusion? No confusion here this morning. Mike & I were a little later than intended getting off yesterday morning, but we had a beautiful day for driving. We are slightly north of Columbus, OH. And this morning we have slept late and are having a leisurely wakeup.

We got here just as it was getting dark last night. As we drove up to the hotel (Holiday Inn Express) I noticed there was a Bob Evans next door. Now we do not have Bob Evans in our part of the country and I was curious about a particular dish I've read about on food boards - Deep Dish Chicken and Noodles. So I asked Mike if he wanted to go try this out and he was game.

Bob Evans Deep Dish Chicken and Noodles is basically carb heaven. I've never seen anything quite like it. First there is a biscuit put in the middle of the dish. The biscuit is topped with mashed potatoes. Then the chicken and noodles are ladled over the top. Truly I've never seen such a carbohydrate ladened dish before. And the serving size was huge. I think I ate about a quarter of it. I really did like the homemade noodles. They were thicker than noodles I am used to eating and cooked just right. I won't order this particular dish again, but if I could get a bowl of just the noodles and broth, that would be good. We both ordered a piece of pumpkin pie to go and got back to our room about 5 minutes before the debate.

Ah, the debate. Who do you think won? I thought Obama came off as cool under fire and very presidential, while McCain sounded like an angry old man still stuck in Vietnam.

So yesterday's trip was all interstate. As we have gotten farther north we have noticed some leaves are beginning to turn. Today we plan to take off on some more scenic routes, go through some small towns and enjoy the ambiance. It would be better if were were in the , but it will still be nice. I'm planning to make photos.
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