09 September 2008

Catching up and driving a rag top

I still love my car and always drive top down unless it is precipitating. My children have come up with a PLAN for my car. When DD#1 got her license, she got my Grand Cherokee and I got my convertible. A happy trade for both of us. She has since gotten a newer Grand Cherokee. DD#2 has her permit and it's only 8 months till she gets her license. These two brilliant daughters have decided that when the new license comes about DD#2 should get the Grand Cherokee, DD#1 should get my convertible, and that I should get a new car.

There is only one problem with THE PLAN. Mentioned in the first sentence. I still love my car. And I hate car shopping. The solution is that I must come up with a DIFFERENT PLAN. Good thing I've got about 8 months to work on it. LOL.

P.S. If I do wind up agreeing to THE PLAN dreamed up by my children, my new car WILL be a ragtop.

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Abbey said...

Um. I don't want your car. That was all her idea, not mine.

decolady said...

LOL. That girl is sneaky sometimes, isn't she? :-)

Abbey said...