16 September 2008


So yesterday DD#1 turned 21. Lots of people were asking me was I sad that my baby was now a grown-up. Emphatically, NO. I am delighted to see she has grown up into a wonderful young lady. She's kind, compassionate, loving, smart and beautiful. What more could a Mom want? Mike and I certainly talked about what we were doing 21 years ago, but I look forward to the future, rather than wishing back past times.

A couple of weeks ago DD#2 had her purse stolen. Besides two iPods, her make-up, pens & pencils, she had my car keys, her house keys and her insurance card and her drivers permit in the purse. We've replaced the permit, the writing instruments, the make-up, the insurance card and the video iPod. But we only realised this weekend that the keys were there.

Now that some thief has our address and keys, we called a locksmith. He just arrived and will likely be here most of the morning. We have 12 doors. All have deadbolts. Most of the doors have glass, so on those the deadbolts have to be opened with a key on each side. The locksmith just told me that those actually have two cylinders so will take double the time to change. Whew! Who knew there was so much to this?
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Once Upon a Plate said...

Happy Birthday & Congratulations to Ms. A on her 21st, Becky. To you as well -- it was your BIRTH day, too. :)

I'm so sorry about T's purse. What a pain to have to replace everything, and to later discover the keys were missing as well.

I hope everything is secure, once again.

Becky said...

Mary, thank you. And how true your statement is. A Mom is never the same after a BIRTH day. And you know, now Ms A is legal, I can get her to stop by Costco to get the prosecco. LOL.

It is now 3 1/2 hours after the locksmith got here and he just left. This was not an inexpensive thing to do. I called Mike and told him he just paid several hundred dollars to get himself locked out of the house! LOL. I have all the new keys and we are indeed secure again. And although I think it likely that it was a kid at school who took the purse and they are not likely to be housebreakers, I do feel better to have the locks changed.