28 September 2008


where all good hippies want to go when they die. I read that somewhere years ago. LOL.

Woodstock, like the Summer of Love, helped define a generation. There was a commercial on a few years ago (for laundry detergent, I think) where a little boy goes up to his dad and says with great awe, "Hey Dad! Did you know that Mom went to Woodstock?" The father, looking much chagrined answered, "Yeah, but I married her anyway.". My children always loved that commercial as they thought the idea was so apropos.

When I was looking at our driving route for this trip, I saw that we would be very near to Woodstock. Told Mike we would have to go by there so he could make my photo with the city limit sign or something. (Kinda like all of us getting our photos made "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona"). Today when we leave Owego and drive through Catskills State Park on the way to the Omega Institute, we pass right through Woodstock. Our children are gonna love this photo! And now Mike can truthfully say, "Yeah, but I married her anyway!"
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