17 September 2008

Wednesday medical update

So, I saw the doc this morning and the news could have been better. My counts are all super low again, so I have to get a transfusion of two units of packed red cells and one of platelets tomorrow. He's also putting me on a different antibiotic - a Z Pack. First time I will have ever taken one of those.Transfusions will now be weekly, rather than every other week. :-( The local doc is also not sure he wants me to do Vidaza treatments for a year, even though the NY doc said I should give it that long. He's now mentioning six months. We're going to gather all my records since February and fax them to the NY doc. Then I'll have a telephone consultation with her. Of course, Mike and I are planning to go see John of God at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY at the end of this month. We had not intended to go through the city after the energy/spiritual healing, but if the NY doc wants to see me, we might have to adjust the route. And on the bright side, Chelsea Market is right across the street from St. Frances, where the NY doc practices.

So dear family and friends, I ask you to keep thinking positively and send whatever good vibes, prayers, healing thoughts, etc. in which you believe.

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Mary said...

Vibes, prayers and healing thoughts are coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts coming your way Becky!!


Becky said...

Mary and Eileen, thank you so much. It always helps to have the love and support of friends.