21 April 2010

All Bran Bread (part 3) and a proud Mom

OK. I admit it right at the start. This is a proud Mom post. Yesterday DD#2 came home from school and asked me would it be OK for her to bake some of the All Bran Bread. I was delighted and e-mailed her the link to my blog post with the recipe. Then off she went to the kitchen with her laptop. She had a couple of questions about where a couple of the ingredients lived, but that was it. Several hours later, this loaf is what she produced. Isn't it beautiful? It tasted great, too. I used a couple of slices today to make my pimento cheese sandwich for lunch.

Good job, baby! Your first time to ever attempt baking bread and it was a resounding success. I'm very proud of you.

P.S. After she finished baking, she made sure to tell me and note on the grocery list that we need more whole wheat flour. That was nice. I also love the way she has no fear or trepidation of doing anything in the kitchen. If she decides she wants to make something, she can get a recipe and go after it.

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Southerncook said...

Very impressive Becky, I know you must be so proud.


Becky said...

Carolyn, I really am! And as I recall, her first loaf of bread turned out much nicer looking than my first loaf. LOL.