25 April 2010

Sunday visitor

I love backyard birdwatching. The farm is a Backyard Wildlife Habitat and I have put in numerous plants to supplement what is naturally there for the birds and butterflies. I also have many bird feeders there and in town that we keep filled year-round.

Here in town I've also got several bird baths around at different levels and of different sizes. One of them hangs off the edge of the balcony outside our bedroom. Some of the backyard birds that I see there are bluejays, tufted titmice, wrens, goldfinches, cardinals, hairy woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, yellow hammer woodpeckers (state bird of Alabama) and a couple of times even a pileated woodpecker. Since all the leaves have come in there is not much sun on the balcony in the afternoon. But for a few minutes today a ray of sunshine and a male cardinal shared the same space.

These pics are made through the window, so they are not as sharp as I would have liked.

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lynda Howells said...

Gorgeous red..just right for a Ruby Tuesday post!!x Lynda