12 April 2010

Eating Organically....or taking back our food supply

As many of you who know me know, I am very much a proponent of eating organically grown food, local if possible; gardening, and living sustainably. A friend pointed me in the direction of this video - Grocery Store Wars. It is very cool and someone did a lot of work. Let your Star Wars persona come out. Fight the dark side of the farm! LOL. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I loved that video. I also eat organic locally grown or homegrown foods. Glad to see you posting. Hope all is well.

Becky said...

Peggy, thanks! I loved it, too.

Slowly but surely I am improving. Sometimes it is hard for me to see the progress day to day, but I try to look back at how I was a year ago, or even a month ago, and I can see how far I have come. Still a long way to go, but I am getting there. Thanks for asking!