13 April 2010

Pyrex Bake-a-Rounds

A long round loaf of bread. That's what you get if you bake your bread in a Pyrex Bake-a-Round.

Back in the 1970's Corning marketed a clear glass tube for baking bread under the Pyrex brand name and called it a Bake-a-Round. The tube holds dough for a one pound loaf and sits in a metal rack for baking and for storing. When baked the loaf is about 3-4" in diameter and 18" long. (That's approximate, I didn't go measure.) I love my Bake-a-Rounds. I had at least one from back in the day. Later I purchased more on eBay so that I could have two in town and two at the farm. Bake-a-Round bread is really good for little hands. I used them a lot when my girls were small. Makes a nice party bread, too.

These were only sold for a few years before being discontinued. While I have always loved mine, I think they must not have been too popular. Many that are around for sale today still have their original boxes and recipe posters. I no longer have the boxes for my Bake-Arounds here in town, but click here for some great photos at Pyrex Love.

Yesterday I baked All-Bran Bread again and decided to go with the long round loaf. I haven't used a Bake-a-Round in well over a year and had to go looking for it. Only found one, but as I was only baking one loaf, that was OK. I'm sure the other is around here somewhere! I will ask the people who cleaned up everything whilst I was gone.

But when I came out with it, DD#2 got all excited about me baking in the Bake-a-Round. First I set the breadmaker to make the dough for us. Then I sprayed the inside of the tube with PAM before putting in the loaf. The directions called for covering the ends of the tube with foil, so I have always done that.

Here's the dough in the tube ready for rising.

Baked and still in the tube.

Out of the tube to cool.

And here we have some sliced and ready to eat.

I had two thin slices to make a peanut butter sandwich yesterday for lunch. Then last night, Mike fixed some for us with some olive oil mixed with pesto as part of our dinner. YUM.

If you don't have a Bake-a-Round and are interested in finding one, they often turn up at garage sales and can nearly always be found on eBay. Many times they appear to be still NIB (new in box). And they can often be purchased very inexpensively. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

How very cool! Of course you always have the coolest stuff. Whilst I'm convalescing, I'm getting to catch up with some of the blogs I love to read, including yours. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and hoping you are getting weller and weller. And of course, all the gardening stuff that goes on makes me think of you too. Please give yerself a hug from me.

Becky said...

Hey Helen! As you know, I'm just now catching up on lots of friends' blogs, too. Thanks for stopping by. We do love those long thin loaves of bread. I think I have been a kitchen gadget person forever. LOL.

And thanks for thinking of me. Some days are better than others. I've had a good couple of weeks, but started feeling ill yesterday and am still in bed today. :-( Tomorrow I go back to my doc here and will be back at Vandy in 2 wks. Depending on my blood tests tomorrow, I may have to go back sooner. We shall see.

But I've been doing what I can and have been sending lots of healing thoughts your way. Take care of yourself!

sweetlife said...

hey stopping by to say hi, I love the bake a round what a cool product, great loaf..hope you feel better


Becky said...

Hi Bonnie. Thanks so much. I am better today.

We really enjoy the Bake-a-Rounds. I'm glad I held on to mine all these years.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Just bought one NIB, but I'm wondering - they say use shortening, margarine or butter, never oil... yet you mention you use Pam spray with yours. Do you know why they say not to use oil? And have you ever had a problem with it?