19 April 2010

New Red Laundry Equipment

Long time readers of my blog will know that I have talked about red washers and dryers before. The first time was in September 2008 when we first went out looking for new appliances. Then later, after I had chosen the particular models I wanted, I wrote about them again in October 2008. At that time they were not supposed to be available before January 2009. Well, January 2009 came and went. No red washer and dryer. Maybe by March. Well, by March I was all caught up in the throes of all the tests required for getting ready for the transplant. New laundry equipment was not a priority.

Since we got home from Nashville we have still been limping along with the washer and dryer we've had lo these many years. As they are downstairs, and I haven't been able to do stairs, Mike has been doing the laundry. He washes small loads and is careful to wash the clothes in blue, white, red order. Blues take the longest to dry due to all the jeans. White has to come before red because the old washer doesn't drain well and things were turning pink if they got washed reds before whites.

So, here we are in April 2010. When the freezer went out last month, our local appliance store told me that the red GE Frontloading Steam Washer & Gas Dryer are now available.

Alabama's Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program kicked in today, 19 April. I reserved my rebate online before heading off to the local appliance store this morning. And I just got home. Not only is there a rebate program, but the appliances were on sale. My new red laundry equipment will be delivered on Saturday and I am so excited. Good things come to those who wait.

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cathtb said...

love your new washer/dryer! The color is so pretty - enjoy!

Becky said...

Thanks Cathy. I'm really excited about finally getting them! And I'm looking forward to that automatic dispenser that holds enough detergent for six months or so. These do so many things I never even thought about.

Saturday I'm going to try to do the stairs to see them get installed and put in action. Cause Saturday is laundry day around here. :-)