12 February 2009

DD#2 and the National Honour Society

My precious, incredible DD#2 was inducted into the National Honour Society yesterday. I am so very proud of her. I knew she had been selected, as the school informs the parents and invites them to the ceremony and reception. The kids, however, don't find out until the ceremony (which the whole Upper School attends).

I was sad to have missed it, but a dear friend whose son always gets in such things too, made photos for me. I really appreciate that.

DD called me as soon as she got home to tell me about it. She was so excited! And she sent the program, her pin and a copy of the reception menu by Mike so that I could see them.

On Wednesday night next week, she is being inducted into the National French Honour Society and the National Latin Honour Society.

This is my child, who in first grade, decided she was going to build a machine to split atoms when she grew up. I can't tell you how disgusted she was a few years ago when someone else beat her to the punch. Then she immediately decided she will build a machine to split molecules instead.

What I say to her is

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Linda said...

That is wonderful Becky!
We were so proud when we saw Sam inducted to the NHS and the Japanese NHS..it is a proud moment for a parent...
I am sorry you could not be there...but you were there in spirit and your baby knew it!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful honor and I'm sure she will achieve something new and important when she enters the working world. Things like this make your day, don't they?