24 February 2009

Mardi Gras Medical Update

It's the Mardi Gras Mambo, mambo, mambo,
Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo,
Mardi Gras mambo-o-o-o, down in New Orleans.

Well, I might not be able to Mardi Gras Mambo in NOLA or even bake our king cake here, but I do have good neutrophil news. 0.35! Yea! I'm excited!

The neupogen shots they're giving me are making me feel crummy, but I now see hope of getting out of this place. My psyche needs it, if nothing else. Mike says our daffodils are all blooming. I need to see them.

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Anonymous said...

That's FANTASTIC news!

Southerncook said...

FANTASTIC news!!!!!! I had hoped to check your blog and see that you were going home. Not yet but it sounds like you will be soon. {{HUGS}} BTW, LOVED the hat pic.


Anonymous said...

Oh Becky, I am so happy to hear that your neutrophil counts are climbing. Yes, you need to get home to see those daffodils.


teacup...... said...


I'm real excited that your neutrophil went up, up and up. That sure was great news.
Sounds like you will be heading home soon and will be in time to see your daffodils blooming.

Love your hat..... :-)
I'll still keep praying for you.

Erica [[[hugs]]]

Mary said...

Such good news about the neutrophils, Becky! Keep up the good work!

No daffodils here in the Boston area (yet) but I do hope you get home to enjoy yours.

Mary P.

Cora said...

Hooray - hooray - hooray!

sally said...

Hi Becky - certainly no daffs here in VT yet - just the foot of snow we got yesterday.
Terrific news about your neutrophils! You'll be home in no
time, but don't rush it...

Anonymous said...

Becky, praying for you daily. Great news.



Joanie said...

Wow Becky, your body really responded to that nupajen! Those shots do make you feel very achy, I know. But if it will get you home and keep those neutriphils up....then go for it!

Great news today!!!! hugs Joanie

PS Your hat is awesome!!

Patricia said...

Go, little neutrophils, GO!!!

Becky, I am so glad that the numbers are going in the right direction. Hope you can go home verrrry soon!