14 February 2009

Saturday Medical Update

My doc's PA just came by. He and the infectious disease doctor had spent some time chatting. They are ordering some nebulising breathing treatments for me. Also Phenergen for the nausea, as the Zofran doesn't seem to be working so well right now. Whites and reds are OK for today, but I will need those transfused tomorrow. As I wasn't going anywhere anyway.... LOL.

Neutrophil actual count is 0.11. That is almost double of what it was yesterday. Thank you all so much for helping me with the visualisations! It's working!!!


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Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Becky, I'm so happy about the Neutrophil count. Good job! Thank you for letting us know. ((hugs)) I'll continue visualizing and keeping you close in heart and prayer.

Oh your Berries in a Cloud couldn't be any prettier, it looks ethereal. I can imagine how delicious it is! Love your serving pieces, too. xo~m.

Ms. Val said...

Becky, I'm so glad your Neutrophil count is so much higher! Does this mean you get to go home soon?

Keeping you in our prayers!

PS...word verification is "spend". In this economy, I find that funny.

Joanie said...

Hurray for higher neutrophils! This visualization is working and I couldn't be happier about it. You are always in my mind and in my prayers. You are amazingly brave.
hugs, Joanie

Linda said...

I am visualizing away...
you go girl...
Sleep well tonight!

Cora said...

What great news about the neutrophil count! Way to go! Keep up the good work! Big gentle hug sent your way.

erica said...

Wonderful!!!!!!......great news about the neutrophil count, I'm still visualizing them.

So glad for you that it is working, just keep hanging in there with your positive attitude.

(((HUGS)))) and a good night, with a good peaceful uneventful sleep.

Erica [teacup]