21 February 2009

Saturday Medical Update

Today's neutrophil count: 0.19. Slowly, but surely, still going up! I thank you all for your continued help in the visualisations.

Because my neutrophil count is rising, my doc is letting me have fresh fruits and vegetable again. I can't tell you how much I've missed those! Last night I had fruit and today for lunch I had a chef salad. It was so good!

They all say they are waiting for my count to get to 0.5 for me to go home. But I'm still on all the meds and oxygen. I have to wonder are they keeping me on those until I get to 0.5 and then take me off of them to see how I do? That occurred to me this morning and of course, all the regular docs are off for the weekend. That will be a Monday question.

So I am feeling better and my psyche is feeling better too. It's a good day.
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~M said...

YEY! Glad your feeling better! I'm thinking about you. Hope you get to go home soon.

Linda said...

Great News Becky...the visualization continues...sleep well tonight!
Enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies!
L xoxox

Anonymous said...

Becky -
Glad you are feeling better. I continue to send you positive energy and hope you will be able to go home soon.


Joanie said...

I'm so glad you are having a good day! {{hugs}} Sounds like you are on your way to the path of recovery!
Things are looking up for you! Hurray. Joanie

teacup....... said...


So HAPPY that your neutrophil count is going up......the visuals and prayers are still coming your way.

Enjoy your fruits and veggies.


Anonymous said...

That's great news Becky. When I had my lung illness they kept me on oxygen until about 12 hours before I was released and then they tested my breathing to see if my oxygen levels stayed above 93%.