18 February 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Medical Update

Sorry to take so long between posts, but I just wasn't feeling up to writing anything. Yesterday I wound up sleeping most of the day and actually did a lot of that today, too.

Well, as usual, there is some good news and not so good news. Yesterday's neutrophil count was 0.07. Today the count was 0.05. This could be because I am finally making enough that they are going off and fighting the infection I have. We still don't know what it is. I still keep having fever. I still have pneumonia. Yesterday's bronchoscopy didn't turn up anything (that's good), but I was finally able to breath a little better after that.

So I am still trying to get my neutrophil counts up. Still trying to get over the pneumonia. Still on antivirals, antifungals and antibiotics by IV. I appreciate everyone's prayers, good thoughts, etc.
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Anonymous said...

Sending strong thoughts of health and wellness your way, Becky.

David Brown in California

Mary said...

Thinking of you today, Becky, as are lots of other people. Hope it's a good day for you.

Mary P.