22 February 2009

Sunday Evening Medical Update

Well, I'm sorry to say I haven't felt so good today. Ever since they woke me at 2:30 this morning to take blood, I've just been blah and droopy. And I had a spell where I nearly blacked out. Wound up sitting on the bathroom floor for a bit to get OK again. The doc said it's likely too much Lasix. I was also very low on potassium this morning. The pills didn't get it back up high enough so they gave me an IV dose as well.

Neutrophil count: 0.16. Maybe I can blame that on the Lasix as well. Probably not. But I'm trying to do a good job of visualising more and more of them. I am so ready to go home and they need to be a lot higher than this to get out of here. So think positively when they take blood @ 2:00-2:30 that mine will just be swimming with neutrophils.

Mike has spent the afternoon with me, but I mostly slept through the early part. I had to get red blood today and am still on all the anti drugs, oxygen and breathing treatments. So we hope tomorrow's count is better.

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bakinbits said...

Becky, I'm hoping for those little buggars to multiply, and for you to feel better tomorrow. ((Hugs)) to you, Regina

Hilary said...


The lasix therapy sure can make you dizzy! Since you can now eat fresh fruit and veggies........see if you can have some bananas for the potassium.

Still visualizing here in hopes that those neutrophils keep on multiplying.

Joanie said...

Oh Becky, I'm sorry you had a bad day today. Your neutriphil count is in the same range as they were yesterday (one or two points difference could just be the machine)..so it's still good news! Hang in there! {hugs} Joanie