15 December 2008

Again another manic Monday

Lots of things going on today. In Louisiana Sam's funeral will be at 2:00 this afternoon.

Here DD#2 has her English exam at 10:45 and I have a full day of medical stuff. First I have to be at my doc's around 8:15 for lab, type & crossmatch. Then I am scheduled for two units of platelets. Unknown about red cells till we get the labwork back. After platelets I go over to the hospital to have a picc line put in. Then back to see my doc and start the second round of Dacogen treatments. Abbey will be driving me around and going with me to all these things. I'll likely be very sleepy from Benadryl during the morning, at least.

Then tonight Abbey is planning on cooking Mexican food for our dinner. By that time I will need to rest. Or maybe drink a margarita.

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Kelly said...

Thinking of you and your family today!


Becky said...

Kelly, thanks so much! I really appreciate all the care and concern.