14 December 2008

the Peppermint Table

Sometimes I get in a rut, using the same Christmas decorations in the same places every year. This year we have totally redone our foyer holiday decor. And it all started with the Peppermint Tree.

Then there is that floozie moose wearing feathers, sequins and red heels. She's either helping decorate the tree or about to make off with an ornament. The red and white snowmen normally get used in the kitchen. The peppermint wheelbarrow was new to us last year and was in the family room. Normally the foyer is dressed in pink & turquoise for Christmas. The candy cane theme prevailed this year. I like it!
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Martha said...

Becky, I like it too! It all looks so great together.

Becky said...

Thanks Martha! The foyer is still the only place that has decorations done. About a third of the ornaments are on the silver tree, though the postman and the home health nurse think it looks great just the way it is. I hope to finish that this afternoon while DD#2 studies for her last exam. This whole candy theme looks so cheerful to me. And it does use red. LOL