09 December 2008

What is Christmas without a Gingerbread House?

My children have always made Gingerbread Houses for Christmas. As the years have passed, they tend to focus more on the surrounding landscape than the house itself. When they were little I used to take them to the grocery store to let them pick out whatever they liked in candy, cereals, cookies, etc. for decorations. Now they go on their own to choose these things. Every Gingerbread House has been different and beautiful. This year's is no exception.

I particularly like the sealife in the not quite frozen lake. :-)

We also have a fire laid in the background and some interesting light globes at the entrance to the path. The evergreen tree is new this year, too. Are Gingerbread Houses part of your Christmas traditions?
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Anonymous said...


I LOVE the gingerbread house and I love your website!

You should have your own show!

Martha Stewart and the others could not hold a candle to you my friend!

When you're feeling stronger you should apply for the next food network star!


Maryann a.k.a. lauren said...

Lol! I forgot to sign my name
to the last comment!

Becky said...

Thanks Maryann. :-) We appreciate the compliments. The girls always have the best time doing the gingerbread house.