16 December 2008

Counting down to Christmas

There are only 9 days left. I still do not have any Christmas cards to send, but hope to be able to get those tomorrow. Of course there is the annual Holiday Letter to write and that is not done either. Also not sure exactly what is here for the girls' Christmas gifts. I need to gather up the things I bought during the course of the year and see what's what. Today I go for Dacogen at 10:00a and see the surgeon at 2:30p. The girls are wanting to go to lunch after DD#2's exam and my treatment. And I think my Mom might come also. After the surgeon's appointment I may try to go by TJMaxx or Target to see about some cards.

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Kelly said...

So here is my little suggestion:

Forgo the cards. If you write a holiday letter, let that be your card, on holiday paper from your friendly neighborhood dollar tree. The tradition is not in the pretty card. The tradition is in letting people know you are thinking of them.

Of course, you are already gone by now, as it's 11:30 my time...

Those who love you most want you rested more than they want a card... and if you send cards, and they're late... really, who would write "return to sender"? =)

Your stress is seeping through your words. Be kind to yourself.

Becky said...

Words of wisdom. I have decided if I don't get the cards today, I will not worry about Christmas cards. Another friend is sending out New Year cards. I kind of like that idea.

Also, I think I am sub-conciously putting off the letter. Usually I write funny stuff while relating news of what's gone on with our family during the year. Even before Sam died, I was thinking the letter might be more challenging this year. But I've been running ideas through my mind and think I will do a different format to make it easier. AND I do already have holiday letter paper that I got at the after Christmas sales last season.

Thanks for the encouragement!