01 December 2008

Happy December

It's a very cold start to December here in the south. Right now we are at 29° and they are not expecting it to get much above freezing all day! I do not like it to be this cold at all. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stay home in front of the fire all day. But I have to be at my doc's at 9:15 so he can look at the port site (which is draining and doesn't look any better) and check my blood counts. I will likely have to get platelets. Sally is coming to pick me up and take me there. She will stay if I have to be transfused. Hopefully we will be done by noon.

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Kelly said...


Will be thinking of you today. i hope everything goes okay for you.

Happy 1st of December!


Sharon said...

Thinking of you!


Hilary said...

I sure hope that all went smoothly today for you Becky.