29 December 2008

Monday evening medical update

I am home. Oh bliss.

My platelets came right away this morning and they were from an 0+ donor. In the hospital their standard protocol is to give 50mg Benadryl by IV as part of the premedication. And wow, it really knocked me out today. I barely remember her hooking me up to the platelets. We left around noon and I came home and promptly crashed on the sofa. Trish was here cleaning in our bedroom, and I can sleep anywhere once they medicate me like that. Now I'm awake.

Tomorrow morning I have an early appointment with my doctor to see when he wants to schedule me for more transfusions. I also need to find out if he wants me to keep getting Vancomycin by IV. The last time we did vanco he had me on it for 10 days since my white count crashed. I'm guessing I will be OK with blood until Friday and will likely need more platelets then. Not sure about the reds. My neutrophil count (the part of the white cells that actually does infection fighting and the number they are closely tracking for me) was still 0.0 this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed that as the week progresses I can see some improvement there.

Thanks again to everyone who has been remembering me and hoping for improvement. Our positive attitude has worked this week.

And today was the Colly Birds day. :-)
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mary said...

Glad your home Becky. Good luck with your doctor's appointment today.


Becky said...

Thanks so much Mary. I really appreciate your good thoughts!