09 December 2008

More on the Fiesta 19" turkey platter AND a turkey!

Actually, the platter is listed at 19 1/4". It is a very large platter. I LOVE it. Someone asked me today where would you store it. IMO, under the bed is a good spot.

We did not have turkey for Thanksgiving, so I ordered a smoked turkey from Greenberg's to be delivered later. Long before Oprah discovered Greenberg's, my grandparents ordered turkeys from them. Greenberg's has been in business for over 65 years and I'm sure my grandparents were getting turkeys nearly from the beginning. My grandparents loved them so much that my grandmother experimented for several years till she developed a recipe that was even better. We used to have smoked turkey twice a year - at 4th of July and at Christmas. My grandmother would typically smoke one of those herself and order the other from Greenberg's.

My grandmother crossed in 1988 and my grandfather a few years later. Fortunately before she passed, my grandmother taught me the way to smoke the turkey. And our family is so fortunate. I'm the only one she taught. When I did the family cookbook back in 1996, I put that recipe in it. Now all of us can smoke a turkey the way Mimi did.

A couple of years after my grandparents were gone I wanted to order a turkey and called Greenberg's on the phone. The lady I talked with remembered my grandparents and was quite sorry to hear of their passing. I asked about ordering a turkey. They were so nice. The first turkey we ordered, they sent on the house. How nice was that? In the years since, whenever I order, they just ship it and send a bill later. Greenberg turkeys have never disappointed.

Today all the planets were in alignment. The turkey I ordered for after Thanksgiving has arrived. My 19" Fiesta turkey platter has arrived. I have platelets, which means I can safely use a knife! Just couldn't wait to try out the platter. Is this not perfect for a turkey?

The above turkey has now been sliced and the carcass is on cooking to make stock for soup. We decided to have a very simple dinner of smoked turkey sandwiches. So good!

If you have ever wanted to try a whole smoked turkey, I can't recommend Greenberg's highly enough! And the Fiesta 19 1/4" platter is the perfect serving dish.

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