08 December 2008

Fiesta's new 19" platter

One of the new pieces in the Fiesta line is a 19" platter. Big enough to hold the holiday turkey. Now I know how big 19" is. And I know how big a turkey platter is, but oh my goodness, this platter is huge! A friend went shopping with Macy's coupons at Macy's Northgate in Seattle a few days ago. She called me from the store to tell me she had found the platter in Ivory. So my package came today. I'm still in awe at the size of this platter.

In the box:

Out of box with a Fiesta peppermint ornament in the centre to show scale. The centre band of rings in the platter are larger in diametre than the ornament!
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Mother Jones RN said...

Finally, a huge turkey size Fiesta tray! Congrats on your new "Fiesta Baby."

Becky said...

Terri, isn't it great?!? We didn't do turkey for Thanksgiving, but I ordered a smoked turkey from Greebergs' that has arrived. I'm going to put it on the platter and make pics tonight before I start cutting it up. Gotta have pics!

I think I need one of these in Scarlet, too. They're going to have to live under the bed. LOL.

Becky said...

Greenberg's. I meant Greenberg's turkeys.