12 December 2008

Discouraging news from Louisiana

I mentioned on Wednesday that Mike's father (Oscar) had to have surgery for a hernia. Although the surgery went fine, his condition has deteriorated since. Apparently when he got to the hospital he only had 15% kidney function. After the surgery his kidneys have stopped working altogether. Yesterday afternoon they gave him fluids to attempt to jump start them. It was an outside chance and it didn't work. Next they tried dialysis. The ICU doctor called and talked with me yesterday evening before they started the procedure. Normally a dialysis session lasts about 4 hours, but they were only going to do it for 2 1/2 hours. It turns out Oscar was only on the machine for about an hour. His blood pressure kept dropping, so they stopped dialysis and gave him a couple of units of fresh blood. This morning his blood pressure is slightly better, but still very low and still no kidney function. Mike just left to drop DD#2 off for her exam and head to Shreveport. That will be about an 10-11 hour drive. The prognosis is bad. I ask for your prayers and good thoughts.
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Linda said...

Becky...prayers and healing thoughts going up for all of you...I am sorry this is happening with Mike's Dad.
L xo

bakinbits said...

Becky, I will add Mike's Dad to my prayer list. I am so sorry that your family is going through so very much at this time! God bless you all.


Becky said...

Thank you both so much. Things are deteriorating and now they are telling us it is just a matter of hours. I don't know if Mike will get there before the end or not. He's still about six hours away.

teacup said...


I'm sending you my prayers and thoughts and I asked one of my neighbours when she goes to her Bible Class tonight, her DH is Pastor to please say a prayer for you and your Family and for your FIL also.

So sorry to hear about this as your Family is going through this, this time of year. (((HUGS)))

Stay strong....and feel better.


littletessa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. Hugs and prayers to him, Mike and to you.


Hilary said...


My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.

Sharon said...


You are all in my prayers during this difficult time.