09 December 2008

Surprise gifts

On Wednesday, 5 November, I had asked several friends in Chicago if they could find me a copy of that day's Chicago Tribune. Although everyone looked, they were all sending me e-mails telling me the Trib was sold out everywhere. That was not unexpected, given the historic nature of the election. So imagine my surprise a couple of days later when one of my foodie friends, who shares a nickname with me, let me know she had found a copy. I was so excited!

Yesterday a package came in the mail from Illinois. It was rather heavy, and I didn't recognise the return address. I opened the box and there was a wonderful array of gifts: a Christmas stocking table runner, a set of CIA stainless steel measuring spoons, some wooden cooking utensils from IKEA, a beautiful tea towel, a hardback copy of Patrica Wells' Trattoria, and finally, the 5 November Chicago Tribune. And until I got down to the Trib, I didn't know who had sent the package!

I am so touched! My friend is a super busy Mom of two little boys, and she works outside the home full time teaching school. It was so very sweet of her to send me this package. I love everything in it!

All the gifts were just perfect for me. Wooden utensils are my favourite kind to use. I needed some new measuring spoons as my favourite plastic set had somehow gotten the bowls melted! (And who can measure with odd shaped spoon bowls?) The stocking table runner will fit perfectly on the Danish Modern coffee table in our family room and it goes so well with the mid-century Christmas decor that we use here in town. I can always use a new tea towel. Even the cookbook has a lot of pasta recipes that can be prepared in half an hour or so. Just the kinds I need right now. And that it was completely unexpected makes it an even more special treat. Thank you, my friend. You really brightened my day!

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Martha said...

Aren't surprises nice! But then foodies are spcial people.

teacup said...

What a nice surprise! It's so good to have special friends who are there for you and so thoughtful.

Hope your day goes well with your 'port' today....(((HUGS))).

erica.... alias/teacup

Becky said...

Thank you ladies for the good thoughts and wishes.