27 December 2008

Life is always a surprise or Saturday early morning health report

Yesterday I had to get labs, see doc, etc. We expected I would need platelets. All my counts were very low - platelets 3, whites 0.0, reds I forget the number. I wound up needing to get two units of platelets and 2 units of red cells. As the blood centre I normally use was closed for the holiday, the transfusions required a 24 hour hospital check-in. I figured this would take longer than normal, but they said I didn't need to stay the whole 24 hours and could go home when the transfusions were finished.

Also, I have been not feeling well since Christmas Eve (earache and headache mostly) and running a low grade temp - between 99° and 100°. They put me on oral Levaquin for that.

Because I have no white count, they set up a neutropenic check-in to the hospital. I had a room already assigned, had to wear a mask and go directly from the doc's to the hospital room. Mike went down to sign me in at admissions later. So I was in the room before 2:00p and it was around 4:30p by the time blood products arrived. And that was with having the CBC and Type & Cross done at my doc's. IV Benadryl knocked me out for the platelets and most of the first unit of red cells. (They run red cells slower at the hospital, too. I normally get a bag in 2 hours, but they set these to run for 3.) It was after 10:00p when the transfusions were all done.

I noticed I was feeling cold and shivering and my temp was up to 100.4° when they started the second unit of red cells. By the time it was finished, my temp was 102.8° and I was having severe chills. This is not good. They called my doc, took blood for cultures and put me on IV Levaquin. Needless to say, I did not get to go home.

So here I am in the hospital (with a lovely city view, btw and I have my camera) waiting to see what the day brings. I feel better - like my temp should be back to normal. Soon it will be time for them to come around and do vitals, so I will learn more then. Not sure if they are planning to keep me here till the cultures grow something, or if they will let me leave if my temp is normal. Hopefully the latter.

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Teacup said...

Hi Becky (((Huggs)))

I'm so sorry that you had to stay overnight at the hospital.

I hope that your temp. will be back to normal. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. I'm sure they will send you home today.

Glad you have a view of the city. What city is that?

Sending you prayers and healing thoughts.....Erica

RainbowDishes said...

I hope you are feeling well enough to go home soon. I am sending you all of the positive thoughts I can! :)