27 December 2008

Saturday afternoon health update

I'm trying really hard to stick with my belief that things happen for a reason. Even if I don't know or understand the reason.

This morning my temp spiked again. The doc has done a regular admit and I will be in the hospital for several more days. They don't want to let me go while I'm having fevers and a white count of 0.0. He wrote orders for me to have the Levaquin by IV and is starting me on Vancomycin by IV also. The fever tends to come and go. It will be normal for several hours and then out of nowhere spike up to 103°. Apparently this is not uncommon for people who are neutropenic (have no immune system).

So far I have to say the food has been much better than my last hospital stay. As a southerner I love my iced tea (NOT SWEET!). When the lady picked up my lunch tray, I asked were it possible to get another glass of tea. Not only did she bring me a fresh glass, she brought me a whole pitcher. That was really nice.

The Vanco just finished running and I will get Levaquin tonight. My temp is back up to 101° and my face is really red, but they think it's a reaction to the Vanco, rather than whatever has been causing the fever before.

Mike went home and got some things for me to make my stay better, including a venti bold coffee of the day from Starbucks. He also brought something I did not ask about - a peppermint Fiesta coffee mug. The cups here are all styrofoam or those thick plastic insulated ones. Not terribly pleasant for drinking. So he grabbed a couple of "good" mugs for us to use up here. Now is that cool, or what? I my spouse.

Since it appears I am in no danger of expiring prematurely, I told Mike he should spend the night at home tonight. When we found out I had to stay yesterday and everything was uncertain, we got Sally (my sister) to pick up DD#2 and take her to stay with them. If Mike goes home, he can take DD#2 back home, too.

Here's hoping we have a "brand-new, beautiful tomorrow!" (And btw, I'm most disappointed WDW is not keeping the Carousel of Progress.)
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Ces And Her Dishes said...

Well, you brought along your sense of humor so that is a good thing. It is always the patient's best defense. I am still trying to understand everything Becky but before I get it, let me just tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will pray for your quick recovery. God bless you!

P.S. I enjoyed the Collie Birds information. Very good.

Becky said...

Hey Ces. Might as well keep a sense of humour. I have a condition called myleodysplastic syndrome and first blogged about it back in Sept. I'm undergoing treatments that if are going to work make you worse before they make you better. One of the side effects of the treatments is that during the middle of the 4 week cycle my blood counts get knocked down really low. I have to get platelet transfusions several times a week and red cells about once a week.

Glad you liked the post about the colly birds. :-) I love Christmas.

Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.