06 December 2008

Good morning Saturday

Well, I have to say I've been pretty blah the last few days. Haven't felt like doing much so I haven't blogged much. This morning I woke up feeling better. Could be because I was actually able to sleep laying down in my bed for the first time in several weeks.

Home Health care is an interesting experience. When they originally called me on the phone, they asked could I do the IV flush, meds, etc. myself. I told them I'd rather not. But when the nurse got here, she was expecting me to take care of all that. YIKES! I called Mike to come home. Part of what needs doing requires two hands and the pic line is in my elbow. I can't reach that, besides the having to look at it and such. When the Vancomycin was running, she asked if we needed her to stay till it was done. Mike said he could handle it, so off she went. Now she was here a couple of hours and did explain and show everything very carefully. She also had to get a blood sample for tests and that had to be taken to the lab. All in all it went very well. I now have my own little IV pole and plenty of supplies for the weekend.

Later the pharmacist from Home Health called to tell me my platelets were low. Also my white count. I actually did know that. I'd been having nosebleed and that happens when my platelets get low. They were down to 9. She called my doc and talked to the doc on call. She told me he was probably going to call me last night, but I didn't hear from him. Unless they are going to have me go to the hospital for a platelet transfusion, there's not really much to be done anyway. So I have to be careful till I go back to the doc Monday morning and will get a transfusion then.

Today I want to do some decorating for Christmas! Already got an early start. While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, I put up the Peppermint Tree in the foyer. It looks great there!

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Sharon said...


They want you to take care of the picc line alone? Hmmm, maybe a member of your family but it is a bit difficult to do that alone with the positioning of it. I am sorry you had to call Mike in from work.

What about your port? Do they want you to do that as well? When they came to see my MIL they took care of all of it, despite my being a RN. I did nothing while home health was there. I take care of Ginger's port and do the monthly flushing as she is on a Chemo break.

hang in there!

Becky said...

Sharon, yes. She was going too put an extension on the pic line so that I could reach it. Mike is doing a great job and the line will come out after the Vancomycin today.

We are not doing anything with the port right now. It is still very sore and would not flush on Thursday. We will see about it at the Dr. appt in the morning. I'm about resigned for it having to come out. Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since it was put in and I was only able to use it the first week. Still keeping my fingers crossed, though!

Ces said...

I am a nurse and it is ridculous to ask a patient to care for her own Pic line but I have to read. I am missing so much. I am catching up...

Becky said...

Ces, I certainly wasn't interested in doing my own pic line. Granted, they did say if we had any questions or problems they would come back out and help. And they called yesterday morning to see if we had any questions. Mike has been great about all this.

Sharon said...

Mike shouldn't have to take care of your picc line unless you want him to. I only do Gingers' because we both prefer I do it and hers is almost 9 years old. She still doesn't have any veins.

I am so sorry your home health visit didn't go as it should. Glad to hear they are removing the picc line but hoping your port becomes usable. They are wonderful when you don't have veins.