26 December 2008

Boxing Day

I know there are lots of people out shopping today, but I am not one of them. Instead I have a doctor's appointment and labs at 10:30. If I need platelets, which is more than likely, I will have to do a 24 hour hospital check-in to get the transfusion. The blood centre I normally use is closed today and I've not done the hospital transfusion thing before. I won't have to stay the whole 24 hours, of course, but I expect this to take longer than normal.

Also I've had a pretty bad earache for the last couple of days and am running a very low fever. They'll likely want to give me something for that, too. No other plans for the day, other than having crackers to open at dinner tonight.
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mary said...

Hi Becky,

I worked on the floor at our local hospital.

We used to have patients check in for blood/plateletts a lot.

You are assigned a nice room, and given your tranfusion from your friendly RN. After that, the RN contacts your doc with an update on how you did, what your stats are. If all goes well, you can check out after that. I remember it being about a six hour stay.

I hope your visit is short and sweet! Hugs, Mary/saff

Sharon said...


Ditto to what Mary wrote. Our hospital works just like that.


Becky said...

Ladies, thanks so much! So far it's happening just the way you said. I had a direct check-in (white count 0.0, platelets 3), I'm in a nice room, have met my friendly RN and we are just waiting for the platelets to show up. I'm getting two units of those first and then two units of red cells, so I will be here awhile. They told me I can check out when it's done or if it's really late I can just sleep here and go home in the morning.