14 December 2008

Sunday and the Christmas spirit

Last night we all decided to order take out food from Olive Garden. Salad, breadsticks, various pastas and eggplant parmigiana were our choices for dinner. Abbey & Donnie came over. They and DD#2 assembled the silver aluminum tree in the living room and we also played Monopoly. It was a nice evening that all of us needed, with Mike being over in Louisiana and our sadness about Sam.

Today DD#2 is studying for semester exams. Abbey and Donnie have gone to ATL to pick up the puppy that is his Christmas gift to her.

And I am planning to carefully put 50s atomic ornaments on the silver aluminum tree. I also want to put the Fiesta ornaments on the Saturn ring tree in the family room. It's not so easy being in the Christmas spirit right now, but we are trying.

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Ernie said...

What a cute puppy! I'm sure she'll enjoy him/her.

Becky said...

Thanks Ernie. The puppy is just precious. It's a girl. :-) She has been over here to visit both last night an tonight. Her name is Persephone, but she is being called Sophie. She seems to be settling in well to her new life.

Maryann said...

What a beautiful pup Becky!

Lucky dog! Found a great home!

Love her name!