17 December 2008

Early Wednesday

Well not really so early. It's 5:45 and still pitch dark outside. I'm so looking forward to the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice occurs on 21 December 2008 at 8:04 AM CST - only four more days!) and the days beginning to get longer.

We have rain predicted all day with a high in the mid to upper 50s. Mike will be driving home from Louisiana. It is eerily similar to when I first drove over here when we were moving right after my Papa's funeral. Then it was grey and pouring rain all the way, too. We will be glad to see him. The girls are especially happy that he will be coming home. And we have several wonderful nights of leftover food that will be all new to him. Any of them can be heated up whenever he arrives.

Trish will be here cleaning today. I have to say this is working out better than I expected. This morning DD#2 has Foreign Language exams from 8:45 to 1:15. Honors French III is first and then Latin II. I have to get labwork and see my doc at 9:30. Then he will determine if I need a transfusion tomorrow. It's likely I will need platelets. After the appointment I'm set for a Dacogen treatment. I'll be driving myself again and hopefully will be done by noon. The girls and I would like to go out to lunch after exams. We have a tradition to girls' lunch out most days during Exam Week. It gives them a nice break from the study pressure.

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