03 December 2008

Time marches on...

and how much shopping is left to do? I need to get online today and try to find anther source for one major gift. Got a notice yesterday that it is out of stock where I ordered it.

I feel better about the housekeeper. She did a great job yesterday of being careful dusting the dishes. And she'll be back this morning. If I feel like it this afternoon, I hope Tori and I can start putting out Christmas decorations. At least I can sit on the sofa and drink tea while she puts the silver aluminum tree together.

At noon I have to go get today's IVs of Envanz and Vancomycin. When thse are finished, the pic line will get removed as today is day three. I really do hope the port is improved enough that it can be used for tomorrow's meds and transfusions.

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bakinbits said...

Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way, Becky dear!!!

Sharon said...


Praying your port is usable!


Hilary said...


Hope the port remains.....best of luck today and healing throughts, prayers and hugs continue for you. BTW, how are the olives doing?