18 December 2008

power outage and back on again

I'm off getting my Dacogen treatment, but a large section of town lost power this morning, including our house. It went off about 7:15 and I hurried to get my first post done before the uninterruptable power supply shut down. Both the hospitals were running on generator power. My sister was at her doctor's trying to get an EKG, so that was delayed. Police were out at all intersections directing traffic. And it is still quite foggy and rainy. I'm not sure what the school is doing about Exams. Today is the last day for those. DD#2's doesn't start until 10:45, but that might shift. Power has just now come back, but it was out for the first 45 minutes or so of the first Exam round. Have I mentioned that I DO NOT like winter weather? Only three more days till the Solstice and longer days. I know it will get colder, but will be grateful for more daylight!
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