23 December 2008

Tuesday morning medical report

Forgot about doing a medical update yesterday. On Friday I finished up the second round of Dacogen. Also had Neulasta, Aranesp, one unit of platelets and two of red cells.

The doctor had told me to expect my counts to have dropped over the weekend and he was right. My whites were down to 0.4. While this is very low and I have to do some of the bubble stuff again, it's better than the 0.0 at this point in the last treatment. My platelets had dropped down to 6, so yesterday I got a transfusion of those. I'd been hoping it would be a quick day, but alas, I had a reaction to the platelets. Had to have Benadryl and Solumedrol by IV and delay the rest of the transfusion. But we did get home about lunchtime. This always seems to happen when I get AB platelets. The nurses in the blood centre are going to start asking if I can get O platelets from now on.

The IV meds knocked me out, so I once again slept all afternoon. Sometime after 5:00pm the Home Health nurse came over to change the dressings on both the port site and the picc line. Mike says my picc site looks much better today. The bruising is a lot less. The nurse also did the line flushing today. They like to change the picc dressing twice a week, so she will be back on Friday afternoon. I also have to go back for labs and to see the doc on Friday morning.

While things could be better, they could be much worse. I'm encouraged that I still have a white count that it is not zero point zero. And right now I am not feeling too terribly tired. Today my Mom and Abbey are coming over to have lunch with DD#2 and me. Then Abbey is going to drive us to the farm to get the stockings! Time is getting short for those.
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