02 December 2008

Medical update Tuesday night 12-02

I hardly saw Trish, the housekeeper, today as I was doing so much medical stuff. Went to my hematologist to get the port looked at and have another round of Envanz and Vancomycin. The infection looked much better. My whole port area was less red and didn't hurt as much. I did notice though, that the actual surgical wound had opened a bit. I got the Envanz and then had a Benadryl before the Vancomycin. Which made me very sleepy.

When those were finished we went to the surgeon's office. He was running late, so it was going on 4:00 before I got in to see him. His initial reaction was to remove the port and me just not have one!!!! YIKES. I wasn't expecting that at all and nearly started crying. After all we've done trying to save it! After a bit of discussion, looking at my blood counts and knowing that I still have several rounds of dacogen left to do, he decided to put some stitches in the wound and see me in a few days. Mike got me my iPod to listen to while I had to get numbing shots around the port and have the stitches. Don't know what I'd do without the TMI meditations. Then I came home and went to bed.

So far, so good with the housekeeper. I told her I had lots of collectible dishes. She said, "In other words, they're special?" I laughed and agreed. I didn't see her really when I got home, but Abbey said she did a great job with what she worked on today. It takes a lot of time to carefully move and dust dishes. I know, because I have done it. And she says there is nothing she won't do in the cleaning department. I don't think the micro-mini-blinds have ever been so clean. All the art deco candleholders on top of the piano are just sparkling. I'm feeling pretty good about this.

Now I need to direct lots of healing energy to the port site and hope the wound is healed enough by the time I see the surgeon again. Please keep me in your good thoughts and prayers.
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Anonymous said...

Becky, I was a long-ago member of the old Fiesta boards. Sold most of my small vintage collection years ago, but kept some place settings for display and holidays, and use the new Fiesta daily. I still check the boards around birthdays and holidays since I've got to convert the new almost d-i-l's. :-)
Your participation was always a pleasure to read on the boards, and I'm sorry to find you are having health difficuties at this time. Love reading your blog and food photo's with Fiesta!
Best wishes in beating this thing...Genia