19 December 2008

Good Friday morning before Christmas!

Wow! Less than a week till Christmas and I am finally getting some of the decorating in order. The last Fiesta ornaments that I was expecting in the mail arrived yesterday, so I'm about to go start decorating the Saturn ring tree with those. May not finish before I have to leave for the all-day-marathon of medical stuff, but at least I will get started. Lab work, Dacogen, transfusions of 1 unit of platelets and 2 units of red cells take up most of the day.

On CMG, our HLC dish board, we are doing a Secret Santa Exchange. It turns out that my Secret Santa travels and wants to bring my gift in person. I so hope we can do that. A couple of other dish friends may be able to join us. We're supposed to talk today and see what we can work out in that regard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And I just got the Secret Santa gifts that I am sending all packaged and ready to mail. Will get Abbey to come get them and send them off Priority Mail today. Hopefully they will get to their destination before the big day!

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teacup said...

Hi Becky;

Can't wait to see a photo of your new ornaments.

Have a painless day today and I'm sending you healing thoughts.



Kelly said...

No way! That would be so cool! Do you know who it is then, or would that be part of the surprise?

I wanted to get to the PO today and have been snowed/iced in. I'm so bummed about it... I don't want my ss to be disappointed or waiting forever!

Becky said...

Thanks Erica. The ornaments are great and I'll make photos of the ornament tree when I get it finished Today should go pretty painlessly. Since I now have the picc line I don't have to be stuck. And that ALWAYS makes me feel better. :-)

Kelly, the ornaments were not from my Secret Santa. I had bought some different ones from a couple of people and both packages arrived this week. And one of them came with the ornaments all wrapped in bubble wrap in a vintage Christmas stocking. Isn't that cool??? And he wasn't even my Santa.

Abbey is coming to get my SS pkgs to mail priority today. I'm hoping they will get there on time. And I hope you get out from under the ice and snow!!!

Mary said...

I hope today passes quickly and is without incident. Hugs!

Becky said...

Thanks so much Mary. I'm going to be thinking about you playing around in your wonderful kitchen! I showed the girls the photo of your pastry and they can't wait for us to make one.

Becky said...

Kelly, I was totally confused about what you meant, but have figured it out now. I do now know who my Secret Santa is. She had to make sure it was OK for me to be around people so Daphne had to ask me about it.

I am so thrilled that my Santa wants to visit in person. She is in Mississippi and I am in Alabama. The other two people who might get to come visit are Michael and Rick (bamadisher). They have met my Santa before and Michael has been to see me before. They only live a couple of hours away. It would be so COOL to get together with all of them!!!

But I'm not announcing it on CMG yet. Only our blogging friends will know. LOL. I want to wait till we get the details worked out.

RainbowDishes said...

Your SS coming to visit you is very cool. That sounds like the best SS gift yet! Have a great time and we are all waiting to hear about it (with pictures of course!)

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the ornaments.


Kelly said...

That would be so fun! I am hoping to meet a CMG'er for the first time next week... hoping to get the the Alderfer auction on 12/26 and meet up with someone there. We'll see! :)