03 December 2008

Wednesday night - checking out the port site

Well it certainly wasn't ME that wanted to look at it. But I did agree that it probably needed cleaning. And it did. This is pretty gross. There was blood collecting in the bandaging. I started gently removing the tape and found the gauze was sticking to where the port had been draining - right over where the port gets stuck. The stitches are in the insertion wound above that. After taking deep breath and telling myself not to be an idiot,I put some alcohol on a cotton ball and used that to help loosen the gauze from where it was stuck. I thought the area had felt a little swollen, and it was. Below the port there has been a dark spot. It has been larger in diametre, but tonight there was a good bit of blood that had collected there. I was about to pass out at this point, so Mike helped me sit on the ottoman. Without looking I used some pads and gently pressed until nothing else was coming out. Mike had to check all that. Now that it's over and all cleaned, the whole area looks better. Not nearly as red. But I don't know why blood is collecting in that area below the port.

I have to be at the hematologist's at 7:45 in the morning. After doing labs and seeing him, I'm set to get the two IV antibiotics, 2 units of red cells and one unit of platelets. If that goes as planned, I will be there all day. Hopefully the port will look much improved by in the morning!
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Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Becky, I hope the port site is doing better today and that your visit to the hematologist's is going smoothly.

It DOES do a mom's heart good to know your babies are under one roof, that happens too seldom around here anymore but I cherish the times when it does happen. I know how that feels.

Yum, a loaded baked potato and salad sounds so good. I haven't made potatoes like that in a long time. Maybe soon.

It's terrific that you're getting rain, hopefully enough to turn the drought around. It's strange that our climate has been unusually dry so far this season for this part of the Pacific NW. (But I'm not complaining.) :)

You're always close in heart and mind, Becky. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers. xo ~m.

Sharon said...


So impressed you were working on cleaning your port and you didn't pass out!

Ces said...

I wouldn't dare do my own and I am a nurse...I hope someone will come and help.