03 December 2008

Life with my chickies all home

I got back from getting the IV meds this afternoon and went to bed, still half asleep from the Benadryl. Abbey was here studying for finals tomorrow, and Trish, the housekeeper, was hand washing all the collectible dishes from the dining room. Later I woke up to my sister talking to me. She had come by to pick up poinsettias from DD#2's school fundraiser. When Sally left I went in the family room and there were DD#2, Abbey, and Donnie - all studying for exams tomorrow. They all said it was easier to study here. Words to warm a Mom's heart. Mike got home about that time and we all ordered salads and loaded baked potatoes from Steak Out for dinner. The kids are now all back to studying. Abbey and Donnie will get done tomorrow. DD#2 has her last exam on the 18th. I am so READY for the holidays!
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