23 December 2008

The tree is now complete with train...

And not just any old train. Oh A beautiful silver mid-century tree deserves a train worthy of its glory. Our train is a monorail.

It is so cool. I am anxious for Abbey to bring Sophie over to check it out while the monorail is running.
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RainbowDishes said...

That is super cool..I have never seen a train like that. And the tree is beautiful too!!!

Becky said...

Thanks so much! I don't know if they still make them, but we bought the Monorail in the gift shop at the Contemporary in DisneyWorld when Abbey was a little girl. It came with an oval track, but later I found extra track pieces for sale so we can make it in a circle around the tree. It also has the same audio as the WDW monorails, should a person choose to turn it on. LOL. Sometimes we need a Disney fix.

I am pleased with the tree this year.

teacup :-) said...


WOW!!!! Thats one cool looking tree.........I love it, brings back memories for me.

That train, I remember when I went on it in Disneyworld.

Erica.....Happy Holidays!!!!

Maryann said...

Hey Becky!

Happy Holidays!

Love the tree!

Had one just like it as a little girl.

We had a color wheel reflector too - lol!

Wish we would have kept it!

Yours looks amazing! Love the train too!

Becky said...

Thanks ladies! We have a lot of fun with this tree. The first year we put it up, Abbey had friends over here looking at it in awe. I am so glad Mike's Mom kept it all this time.