18 December 2008

Thursday morning, health & other stuff

The girls and I were so happy to see Mike when he got home last night. And it was comforting to just be able to hug him after a week.

After my blood tests yesterday, my hematologist says he is cautiously optimistic and that my positive thinking may be paying off. My white counts were up to the highest they have been in over a year. Of course, they are still very low and would look terrible for most people, but the fact that they are up is good news. Of course he can't promise anything, but this really is the best news I've had since the diagnosis. He also cautioned me that the Dacogen I'm getting this week can knock them back down to zero again, but if it's working the counts should come back stronger in the next few weeks. I'm going to continue with my positive thinking. We need my red counts and platelets to come up also. Can't tell yet if that is working, but it seems to me the reds are not dropping off as quickly these last few bood tests as they had been before.

If the counts come back it will mean the Dacogen is sort of putting me in remission. Practically that means I would not have to keep getting all these transfusions. I would still have to spend a week getting Dacogen treatments every month. In the meanwhile, I'm asking all my friends to keep up their prayers, good vibes, healthy thoughts and positive thinking. Miracles do occur every day!

This morning I am off to get my 4th Dacogen treatment this week. Then tomorrow I have to have lab work, blood tests, Dacogen, Aranesp, Neulasta, one unit of platelets and two units of red cells. After my treatment and DD#2's final in Honours Algebra, I have to take DD#2 back to the doctor. She has a staff infection on her back that is not getting any better. Actually, I don't know if I will be the one taking her. I can't really go sit in a waiting room with sick children. Probably Abbey will do the honours. In the meanwhile I will be home getting our Christmas cards and my Secret Santa gift ready to take to the PO.

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