30 November 2008

Sunday dishing

OMG, where did all these dishes come from in the first place? LOL. I spent the afternoon (after taking pain meds) opening boxes and pulling dishes out of the lower cabinets in the dining room. Heather, Peacock, Ivory, and now Chocolate had never seen the light of day. They were in their original boxes in the guest bedroom closet. And then there were the Christmas dishes that Mike & Tori got down from the attic yesterday. First thing after unpacking, everything had to go through the dishwasher. Yes, I washed away the genuine, original factory pottery dust!

Now I am exhausted! BUT. Dishes in the dining room cabinets are all organised and ready to use. Cups and saucers are packed away to be stored in the attic until I have a tea party for 80-something. Regular mugs are all packed away and holiday ones are in their place. That won't change until 12th Night. I have not yet gone through all the holiday mugs to see which ones I have and which ones are missing, but I did start making a few photos. Not sure if anymore will get done tonight or not.

I feel like I have accomplished so much. Most of the dish moving had to be one handed, so it took me longer than ususal, but life will be so much easier now.

On our dish board we are having a Secret Santa exchange. In the exchange people can send art projects, new dishes, extra dishes or really anything to do with dishes that would be a fun gift. Lo and behold, I found a few things today that I am gong to put in the package I send to my Secret Santa recipient. Can't say what, because some of them read my blog! But I think some of them are pretty cool.

Here's what came in the package I got from my Secret Santa last year. I had the best time with all this and can't wait to find out who to send my package to this year!

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