07 November 2008

changing my appearance...

Well, at least the appearance of my blog. I decided to go with a different template for while and see how & if I like it. And at the bottom of my sidebar I added a little pond with fishes (found via my friend Craig RainbowDishes Journal). Move the mouse pointer around the pond and click to feed the fish. The site with the fishies also has a nice pendulum clock that will play Westminster chimes on the hour, quarter hour and half hour. That might get old, but we will see.

ETA: Clock gone. The script slowed the page down too much.

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RainbowDishes said...

I love those fish! :)

I am thinking the penguins (even though you can't feed them) and the turtles will make appearances too...at different times of course.

Yeah, I liked the clock, but it did slow things down. That guy is very talented...I hope he creates more gadgets for technogeeks like me to play with. LOL

Ms. Val said...

I like the old look better. It had more pink in it. :-)

Becky said...

Craig, I like the penguins, too!

Val, I thought about you when I was changing the template, but the pink was clashing with some of my food pics. :-( I am kind of missing it though.